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Greetings From Fandom Land

It’s been an embarrassingly long time in between since my last post. Ya see, what had happened was…:P…there was this television show that I began to watch. It’s called Orphan Black. It’s really quite good. One thing led to another and I found myself on Tumblr, geeking out with the best of them and, for the first time in quite awhile since Lost, making fan art.

Orphan Black fanart | By Yours Obsessed

I don’t like that I rather abandoned my primary blog and so, today, I return to a more regular babbling blogging schedule to ramble on about fannish tendencies and how they correlate with being a professional creative. In retrospect, I think that the divide I created between my fandom design life and freelance design life was for the most part unnecessary…except of course for sparing this blog of my more fannish goofiness, which will stay and can be found aplenty at my Tumblr. However, as designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers and what have you, nothing can be more inspiring than being a self-proclaimed fanboy or fangirl. When people who are artistically inclined devote themselves to a certain show or shows, they express that devotion creatively, and oftentimes, extremely cool things can come from that. Great portfolio pieces can emerge from it. Industry exposure can come from it because suddenly, as a fan, you are speaking to a broad audience of fellow fans and artists, as well as potential industry professionals who are looking for certain types of styles or creatives who are into the geekier side of things.

Tons of designers and filmmakers have found success being out-and-out fans. Wayside Creations produces a high-quality fan series based on the hit game Fallout. Illustration rockstar James White got his big break while making illustrations and posters based on his favorite movies. Mondo and DKNG are a high-end illustration studio, responsible for designing some of this generations gnarliest film and music gig posters. The only difference between the original artwork these people churn out, and the original artwork the talented individuals of the Orphan Black fandom — or any fandom really — is that the former studios and illustrators are high profile, well marketed, seasoned and generating serious income from their craft. There is obviously a divide where a person is just being a fan and being goofy cutting out pictures and applying effects to them, but on the other side of that divide is a person who genuinely loves producing beautiful and clever original artwork or photomanipulation, and has in such-and-such a show, musician or film, found their muse and inspiration. If they are particularly saavy, dedicated and/or lucky, awesome things can come from what they love do for fun.

Now I’m just going to spam some OB fanart faves. X-D

Sarah Manning | by SpinTheWorlds

Headshot | by Joan-Adler

Clone Club Riddle | by iboughtafuckingateau

My philosophy…I suppose the generally accepted philosophy, is that as creatives, we must do what we enjoy. In doing what we love, we hone our skillsets and are able to impart them onto things we might have a little less fun doing, but which will produce actual money-type green stuff. At the end of the day, we all come home to our muse, whatever that may be.

…and for me right now that’s Orphan Black, Luther and Hannibal, go watch all of those shows. And Once Upon A Time, it’s a glorious cheesefest.

Anyway. Good to be back! For my own part, here is a crude preview of a soon to come thingie. Just for fun. Something about Charlie and some Angels…

IMG_3598 copy

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Desk Notes from a Fangirl: Part II

I almost forgot to share my final Kimbra gig poster from the DKNG project! Two, actually. Because I’m bad at choosing just one of things and I enjoy doing alts.





Aaaand, my “Triumphant” rockstar from yesterday is still in progress! I gave him a new hairdo because the mullet-thing wasn’t workin’ out.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.18.49 PM

I’m moving my rough work over to my Facebook page to keep things a bit neater over here, and allow for more discussion and meet & greet. This blog will stay pretty babble-y though, because, blogs are better, yo.  Hop over to my Facebook page to get both sides of the picture though!

So non-design related (at least for now) I just saw Hunger Games. It was okay — lots of fun and such. I can’t quite be a fangirl about it because, frankly, I’m all about the Tarantino blood-fest stuff. But in some parts it was a very touching and poignant film. However Winter’s Bone was the flick that created a Jennifer Lawrence fan out of me. I didn’t really get all the hoopla at first, and was determined actually to not be a fan because people kept going on about her. But after seeing Winters Bone, and even her role in X-Men: First Class, which was first class, I decided that she was actually rather likable as a character and an actress, and therefor, not so bad after all. And you don’t get a good picture of  a person until you stalk them via YouTube and watch all their behind the scenes stuff, which I may have done/be doing. I really like actor-types who present themselves as relatable people, not just as robots with an obvious celebrity persona who have to *deal* with their public in a respectable way and such. Those people remind me of crappy customer service reps or social workers, who are clearly there to be the face of a company, collect a paycheck and go home. They grin in your face, but they could care less. I like goofballs, people with personality and character that they don’t hold back. People who don’t bullshit and who also don’t give too much of a shit. Rockstars!

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The Process of the Process

Commandante! Fetch my weapons!

I occasionally am asked about my workflow when it comes to the stuff I design. Short version: uhhh…I don’t…have…one? Watching DKNG’s workflow presentation during their Skillshare event last week made me kind of embarrassed because I realized that, as far my own personal organization goes, I’m kind of sloppy. If I’m doing client work, I’m suddenly Borg-like with my organizational efficiency, but for my own stuff, my workflow is to have no workflow. Or at least, a very loose one. I typically know where all my stuff is, so it isn’t a big deal. For client projects, I designate a folder for that project, then I make sub-folders according to the kind of media or stage of the project that I’ll need to access. For myself, weirdly, it is not that straightforward. I will have multiple files from scans of sketchbook comps to digital comps scattered in various design oriented folders designated with a colored label cipher that only I can crack on my hard drive.

So…a early-mid-year resolution could be to be as fastidious with my own work as I am with my client work…


Anyhoo! I’m bored and I felt like posting something. So here, previews for two new pieces I’m going to be working on:


“Triumphant”. This one was doodled around a quarter to 1AM last night. A little fun with posture.



This is based off of a drawing in a book I found at my library called “WOMEN: A Pictorial Archive From 19th Century Sources”. Basically it’s full of naked renaissance ladies, but the contrapposto postures and clothing are good references for practice. I call this one, Young Athena!

Stay tooooned.

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Last One From The Trenches

This has rather become my goodbye piece to art school. For financial reasons, I’ve decided to stop study — mid-semester even — and focus on working. I’m sure I’ll face the repercussions of quitting while I was on financial aid, but I’m already facing wage garnishment over an issue which I’m still perplexed by and have been hiding my head in the sand about for quite some time. So I’ll brace for what’s to come, try to be an adult about it and work these issues out and hope that things will get better again.

I finished this (on my last day?) on campus today. After watching DKNG’s final lecture for their Skillshare event, I felt brave enough to play with halftoning. May have gone overboard with that plus my usual texturing. But whatever. Red Riding Hood is pretty chill about it, I think. Isn’t her pet wolf adorable?


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Sometimes I Sketch Things

An idea sprung upon me whilst bored and earphoneless at school, and being a compulsive sharer (at least of the less significant things) I am sharing the beginnings of whatever this idea might be. Do I know? Do you know? Does frankly anyone know?? Perhaps…

And no, it’s not related to Star Wars. I just referenced a lot of Star Wars and a few Matrix pics because I can’t draw figures straight from memory. #achillesheel

And yeah, I just used a Twitter hashtag on a WordPress blog post. #whatchagonnadoaboutit 😉


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