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In Which The Author Babbles To Herself


Before design, writing was my first love. I can’t pinpoint exactly where my love of espionage thrillers and science fiction began, but it was quite early on, around the age of 11 or so. My first “full length” story was a peice of crap called Millenium Man which was about some guy who was from the future or something, and was being experimented on by a clandestine government organization, but then he escaped and was on the run, eventually hooking up with a pretty lady who of course decided to involve herself in his life and then it turned into every film noir suspense thriller that I was aware of.

Sadly, Millenium Man was lost forever in a tragic floppy drive glitch. I swore I’d never involve myself that deeply in fictional characters I created again…but that was a lie.

Since then, I’ve written a lot of things of varying lengths and varying degrees of completion. The intention was not initially to be produced, until I discovered filmmaking and realized I could do whatever the fuck I wanted, which was excellent. As of now, I have several TV series’ in the works, three in pilot stage, a number of feature length scripts in varying stages of revision, and a multitude of short fiction stories. I find that writing and design are perfect complements to each other, as they are each mediums which encourage the expression of ideas within unique visual contexts. As a graphic designer, I control pixels, paper and paint to create tangible concepts and convey interesting ideas. As a writer, I tell stories with words woven in intricate, interesting patterns. Two mediums. One goal. Fantastic.

Earlier this year I was combing through folders on my computer and re-discovered an absolutely horrid attempt at a newspaper that I did when I like 15 and still learning Photoshop. It’s just…ah, well, I can embarrass myself this one time. Mortified, but compelled by what I felt was fairly excellent fake!reporting, I did a re-design, which you can view in full above. To digress, “The Anarchy Times” is pretty much a small compilation of the most significant self-created mythological obsessions that recur in my writing. If the TV series which I have spent that last 3-4 years of my life developing is ever made, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The “1151” concept is a motif I try to make recur in some form in whatever I do. It’s akin to my own personal “See You Next Wednesday”.

To continue the trend of random writing samples/projects, herein lies another droplet in the making. A teaser of something insignifcant but, hopefully — at the very least — entertaining, thought-provoking and interesting. The trifecta I always aim for. It was originally titled “Heroes”, but sadly, that show has already been done (thank god).

I may post more snippets like this in the future. A goal for this summer is to re-join the world of filmmaking by producing another short film. The difficult thing about self-produced film if finding people with whom to produce it. As a designer, I can rock out solo, and I love it. But the thing I’m realizing is that projects which absolutely require a group effort — such as filmmaking — typically work best when all parties are equally obsessed with their craft and the completion of the thing related to their craft. Without a certain amount of obsession with perfection and completion, nothing can be exceptionally executed. Case in point: Learn to obsess over things. Embrace your inner nut. He/she can actually help ya!

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