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Life of an Orphan Black Fangirl

No big deal, just had some Ā fanart showcased at the San Diego Comic Con last week.

One of minneeee! Wheeeeeee!

The Orphan Black Tumblr is a very fun Tumblr, I highly recommend checking it — and the show it supports — out. Whoever runs it, thanks for showcasing my work! YAY!

I believe my last entry babbled about fandom and fanart, so I suppose in a way this underlines the thesis of consistently doing artwork — no matter how fannish or self-indulgent it may be — to advertise however skilled you are at your craft. It’s the same with cooking. People can when you’ve put love into your work.

On my own part, stuff like this, or the cast liking my weird little drawings of them on Instagram, are great incentives for slightly self-conscious and self-depreciating creatives such as myself to push forward through creative blocks and what-not and make better stuff.

Orphan Black completes me, what can I say.

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Fontgirling – Domo Arigato, Roboto


This will be the first entry in a category-series I call “Fontgirling”. Fontgirling is like fangirling, but you do it over fonts and typographic things that illicit the “SQUEEE” impulse, as would occur when you see something related to you favorite TV show or actor or whatever. If you’re not a designer or someone who partakes in fandom lingo, I really can’t help you beyond that explanation. šŸ˜›

As a creative of any sort, sometimes you’ll come across things that pull a chord within you that makes you just stop and go “OH FUCK YES.” Well, I was rebounding a Dribbble shot and you know how when you open someone else’s PSD and you get those little exclamation marks on type because you don’t have that font installed? Well I went “fuck that, I must have this font” and discovered anĀ elegantĀ new font in the process.

Roboto is really pretty and comes in a zillion weights. I love finding elegant sans serifs Ā that serve multiple purposes. My font boyfriend at this point in time has been Novocento and pretty much the whole Lost Type inventory (I didn’t say I was intoĀ monogamousĀ font relationships), but Roboto will certainly be a newfound joy to plop on absolutely everything.

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Tiny Feet In Huge Combat Boots

My week has been rather military themed in an odd way. I’m writing a post-apocalyptic story about weapons traffickers, and everything I’m designing has swords or something sharp in it. I’m not complaining about this theme, it is just…odd.


After avoiding Firefly for years, I started watching it this week and it’s my new favorite old show that is also canceled (as are most of my favorite shows, go figure). So in the next few weeks, probably going to be a lot of Firefly fanart. …mostly River related. Because fuck yeah, River!

Ā Ā Ā 

Fuck yeah.


Quick and dirty from a sketch tonight. Something nicer within the week.

And this, from a previous sketch, is going somewhere interesting. Might have some dragons, maybe.

Mmmm, dragons.

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Bits-O-Planets; Part of a Healthy Breakfast

This one is pretty straightforward. Been wanting to do Galactus for awhile. …in the PG way, obviously.


For my usual unrelated commentary, I watched the first season of Sarah Connor Chronicles after avoiding it for years. People need to stop selling awesome shows to FOX so they can cancel them mid-run. Just…STOP.

…yeah that’s all I’ve got today. This toothache can go away now. Goway. šŸ˜¦

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Desk Notes from a Fangirl: Part II

I almost forgot to share my final Kimbra gig poster from the DKNG project! Two, actually. Because I’m bad at choosing just one of things and I enjoy doing alts.





Aaaand, my “Triumphant” rockstar from yesterday is still in progress! I gave him a new hairdo because the mullet-thing wasn’t workin’ out.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.18.49 PM

I’m moving my rough work over to my Facebook page to keep things a bit neater over here, and allow for more discussion and meet & greet. This blog will stay pretty babble-y though, because, blogs are better, yo. Ā Hop over to my Facebook page to get both sides of the picture though!

So non-design related (at least for now) I just saw Hunger Games. It was okay — lots of fun and such. I can’t quite be a fangirl about it because, frankly, I’m all about the Tarantino blood-fest stuff. But in some parts it was a very touching and poignant film. However Winter’s Bone was the flick that created a Jennifer Lawrence fan out of me. I didn’t really get all the hoopla at first, and was determined actually to not be a fan because people kept going on about her. But after seeing Winters Bone, and even her role in X-Men: First Class, which was first class, I decided that she was actually rather likable as a character and an actress, and therefor, not so bad after all. And you don’t get a good picture of Ā a person until you stalk them via YouTube and watch all their behind the scenes stuff, which I may have done/be doing. I really like actor-types who present themselves as relatable people, not just as robots with an obvious celebrity persona who have to *deal* with their public in a respectable way and such. Those people remind me of crappy customer service reps or social workers, who are clearly there to be the face of a company, collect a paycheck and go home. They grin in your face, but they could care less. I like goofballs, people with personality and character that they don’t hold back. People who don’t bullshit and who also don’t give too much of a shit. Rockstars!

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Last One From The Trenches

This has rather become my goodbye piece to art school. For financial reasons, I’ve decided to stop study — mid-semester even — and focus on working. I’m sure I’ll face theĀ repercussions of quitting while I was on financial aid, but I’m already facing wage garnishment over an issue which I’m still perplexed by and have been hiding my head in the sand about for quite some time. So I’ll brace for what’s to come, try to be an adult about it and work these issues out and hope that things will get better again.

I finished this (on my last day?) on campus today. After watching DKNG’s final lecture for their Skillshare event, I felt brave enough to play with halftoning. May have gone overboard with that plus my usual texturing. But whatever. Red Riding Hood is pretty chill about it, I think. Isn’t her pet wolf adorable?


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Sometimes I Ink the Things I Sketch

And so the inking begins! Can ya guess who yet? This one is turning out to be a lot of fun to develop.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 7.28.43 PM


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Sometimes I Sketch Things

An idea sprung upon me whilst bored and earphoneless at school, and being a compulsive sharer (at least of the less significant things) I am sharing the beginnings of whatever this idea might be. Do I know? Do you know? Does frankly anyone know?? Perhaps…

And no, it’s not related to Star Wars. I just referenced a lot of Star Wars and a few Matrix pics because I can’t draw figures straight from memory. #achillesheel

And yeah, I just used a Twitter hashtag on a WordPress blog post. #whatchagonnadoaboutit šŸ˜‰


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Lots of new things coming along, slowly but surely. New writing, new artwork…and maybe even some prints for sale, eh? DKNG’s Skillshare event is wrapping up and so am I. This was fun. Until the next band! Or Kimbra’s next album. Hurry up, Kimbra.

Kimbra Poster Teasers

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An irrevocable snow day

Ann Arbor had one of it’s infamous snow days today, and irrevocably delayed my aforementioned jacked up commute to school. So I stayed home and did some sketching in leui of class, and some extracurricular designy stuff. I’m working on a compilation of short stories which I’ll be releasing through Amazon.com as an e-book within the next month. Because why not. Here is the cover! …and subsequent page. Or is it the interior…I’m still getting used to this e-book thing.

The Weslo Ap

There you have it. It’s an older design which I finally got around to finishing. I wish I could spew some art school reasoning for why I chose this composition, colors, abstract styling, etc. But my actual answer is actually a lot better. I think sometimes designers create things that they don’t particularly understand why they’ve made it, but then days-months-years later, they realize why that piece of seemingly random art exists. For the purpose of being applied to a design they didn’t know they would make. And stylistically, aesthetically, compositionally and psychologically, it will just…fit. Like a glove. It’s kind of a Doctor/River Song kind of thing, in a way.

Daily excuse for Doctor Who analogyĀ – check.

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