Pissed Off Notes from the Mythological City of Themyscira

There’s this show called “Girls” which won some awards at the Emmys this year and which I’ve luckily been unable to watch because I don’t subscribe to cable. Some people I like are on it, but whatever, I don’t really care because the content of the program doesn’t appeal to me as far as shows about generational issues are concerned. I am 24 and pretty much a child of the 90ies, but I feel out of my generational loop. To be frank, I kind of think those kids are crazy.

Case in point: Girls. The latest HBO phenomenon which I proudly profess to know absolutely zilch about, other than that Lena Dunham is apparently some kind of hero now or something. I came across this article regarding the latest episode I didn’t watch, in which apparently some pretty revolting things happened to Shiri Appleby. After reading bug-eyed through the article, and even then seeing what Bitch Magazine (yes, I read that on occasion) had to say about it, I proceeded to see what the consensus was among commentators. This particular, from the THR article, struck me to think a little bit about whether or not I was being kneejerk in my reaction to the description of what transpired on the show.

“This scene revealed so much about who Adam is, who he was trying to be, and how his behavior and impulses can shut him away from other people.  Sex is an intimate act that can be simultaneously used as a way to experience closeness but at an arm’s length.  Adam routinely does this on the show, and his self-implosion was indeed a dark and sad.  It was important in expressing this about his character that we see exactly what it is he did to this poor girl, who was an innocent bystander to a complicated and troubled man’s unraveling.”

It occured to me that I could write this exact same passage in relation to a film about war featuring graphic depictions of death and gore. So in that light I’m willing to concede the commenters point. But on the other hand, what I desperately wish to know is why do we care who this asshole Adam is at all? He clearly needs therapy or a prodigious smack upside his fat head. The character is a person of inferior moral and psychological character who can apparently only feel something when he is using another human being as his own personal Kleenex tissue. Why would I bother to waste my time on a creature like that, who does not seem to want help, or particularly care for it? And as to the person who is allowing themselves to be used as his Kleenex, as to their character, I am quite sad and reluctant to speculate.

At the core, it continues to confound and disturb me that there are women  and men in existence who allow other human beings (?)  to humiliate them psychologically, without defending their dignity or putting up a fight against obvious malicious mental and physical assaults. We were created with a beautiful, bright mind capable to of so much. We were created with hands capable of balling into hard fists. We were created as individuals, with minds, souls and feelings of our own. I truly believe that we all, male and female, have the power to reach inside of our quivering mortal coil when we are faced with cretins such as are depicted on this show, and say, “SCREW YOU, ASSHOLE, GO FUCK YOURSELF.” Not very eloquent, but applicable in this, and many, cases.

I hear many voices defending Girls as an important and thoughtful narrative, and I question why…but apparently I can’t question it enough to really put the effort into watching the show.  The character repulse me. I find their lack of self-esteem bizarre and horrifying. My feathers are ruffled by the sight of sexual assault. Had I been Steig Larsson, as he so claimed, I would have kicked the raping freak of nature in his face, head and nuts instead of passing by quietly and then out of guilt, writing an amazing novel making a hero out of the victim I could have saved. That’s how I am, and unrealistically, it’s how I believe all people should be. I won’t be a bystander, I won’t be shat on and I won’t call violent or demeaning sex acts on my television meaningful or art. To borrow from my ranty Facebook post, it seems like the quest for actual, tangible intellect and knowledge of things other than the worldly world has taken a back seat while the sexual revolution — masquerading as feminism — has come simply strides in the past few decades. Feminism, as I understand it, was borne out of the desire to find equality in the workplace, in places of law and business, to transcend the kitchen and to rediscover — perhaps even re-invent — the Mother As Warrior. It seems that somewhere along the way, feminism became about burning bras, showing your tits and not getting yelled at for it. To be frank, I don’t know what feminism is supposed to be anymore, which is why I balk at labeling myself as a feminist. People assume because I advocate for female empowerment in a lot of the things I write and the art I create, that I am a feminist, But I’m not by conventional standards. I believe in psychological empowerment for women and for men, and the triumph of the spiritual, creative, literary and thoughtful woman. I don’t believe in the selfish and fluffy, carnally oriented women of Brave New World’s dystopia, I believe in the educated, brave and stalwart woman of Austen and Dickens’ novels, who transcended tragedy and despair and — for the most part, on the heroines’ parts, mainly — never lost sight of who they were. The women of Girls are the women of Brave New World, mindless in servitude to their desires, tools for the people around them, aware of the worldly but not of the world. ““Hug me till you drug me, honey; Kiss me till I’m in a coma.”

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Bits-O-Planets; Part of a Healthy Breakfast

This one is pretty straightforward. Been wanting to do Galactus for awhile. …in the PG way, obviously.


For my usual unrelated commentary, I watched the first season of Sarah Connor Chronicles after avoiding it for years. People need to stop selling awesome shows to FOX so they can cancel them mid-run. Just…STOP.

…yeah that’s all I’ve got today. This toothache can go away now. Goway. 😦

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Me and the mum have been watching “Limitless” a few times over the week and it’s actually a pretty cool movie. I can’t help but wonder how far I could go, with a pill that unlocks access to the rest of my thinking brains. All the math I would know! All the monies I could make! Space! The final frontier! Or something.

I actually think that having no school to stress over is a sort of a more realistic (and safer) key that unlocks a dormant part of your brain — the part, anyway, that could be illustrating pretty things, job hunting and creating branding material to promote yourself and your career so you can finally start paying back all the loans that put you through college. So that’s essentially what I’ve been doing all week, with my sudden copious amounts of free-time. I’ve developed something of a new style, which stems directly from the DKNG project a few weeks back. I’ve been using the textures I made on the Kimbra piece on just about everything, and playing with halftoning, which is really fun. There’s more where this came from and it’s dripping slowly out of the Wetcloud faucet. Remember, I’m on The Book of Faces if you want to keep traaa-aaaack. 😛


I don’t know where, in the depth of my mind, The Monk came from. I found an old sketch I did and I was all “aaagggh Hulk desiiiiggggnnnn!” So then I did that.

This guy is from a sketch before, if you recall — and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you. These were both pretty quick and just for fun, but good exercises.

Below are one in progress, which will follow a growing theme of Disney Princesses with a twist, and something…else




So anyway, time for the Doctor. Who, that is.

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Desk Notes from a Fangirl: Part II

I almost forgot to share my final Kimbra gig poster from the DKNG project! Two, actually. Because I’m bad at choosing just one of things and I enjoy doing alts.





Aaaand, my “Triumphant” rockstar from yesterday is still in progress! I gave him a new hairdo because the mullet-thing wasn’t workin’ out.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 9.18.49 PM

I’m moving my rough work over to my Facebook page to keep things a bit neater over here, and allow for more discussion and meet & greet. This blog will stay pretty babble-y though, because, blogs are better, yo.  Hop over to my Facebook page to get both sides of the picture though!

So non-design related (at least for now) I just saw Hunger Games. It was okay — lots of fun and such. I can’t quite be a fangirl about it because, frankly, I’m all about the Tarantino blood-fest stuff. But in some parts it was a very touching and poignant film. However Winter’s Bone was the flick that created a Jennifer Lawrence fan out of me. I didn’t really get all the hoopla at first, and was determined actually to not be a fan because people kept going on about her. But after seeing Winters Bone, and even her role in X-Men: First Class, which was first class, I decided that she was actually rather likable as a character and an actress, and therefor, not so bad after all. And you don’t get a good picture of  a person until you stalk them via YouTube and watch all their behind the scenes stuff, which I may have done/be doing. I really like actor-types who present themselves as relatable people, not just as robots with an obvious celebrity persona who have to *deal* with their public in a respectable way and such. Those people remind me of crappy customer service reps or social workers, who are clearly there to be the face of a company, collect a paycheck and go home. They grin in your face, but they could care less. I like goofballs, people with personality and character that they don’t hold back. People who don’t bullshit and who also don’t give too much of a shit. Rockstars!

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The Process of the Process

Commandante! Fetch my weapons!

I occasionally am asked about my workflow when it comes to the stuff I design. Short version: uhhh…I don’t…have…one? Watching DKNG’s workflow presentation during their Skillshare event last week made me kind of embarrassed because I realized that, as far my own personal organization goes, I’m kind of sloppy. If I’m doing client work, I’m suddenly Borg-like with my organizational efficiency, but for my own stuff, my workflow is to have no workflow. Or at least, a very loose one. I typically know where all my stuff is, so it isn’t a big deal. For client projects, I designate a folder for that project, then I make sub-folders according to the kind of media or stage of the project that I’ll need to access. For myself, weirdly, it is not that straightforward. I will have multiple files from scans of sketchbook comps to digital comps scattered in various design oriented folders designated with a colored label cipher that only I can crack on my hard drive.

So…a early-mid-year resolution could be to be as fastidious with my own work as I am with my client work…


Anyhoo! I’m bored and I felt like posting something. So here, previews for two new pieces I’m going to be working on:


“Triumphant”. This one was doodled around a quarter to 1AM last night. A little fun with posture.



This is based off of a drawing in a book I found at my library called “WOMEN: A Pictorial Archive From 19th Century Sources”. Basically it’s full of naked renaissance ladies, but the contrapposto postures and clothing are good references for practice. I call this one, Young Athena!

Stay tooooned.

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Last One From The Trenches

This has rather become my goodbye piece to art school. For financial reasons, I’ve decided to stop study — mid-semester even — and focus on working. I’m sure I’ll face the repercussions of quitting while I was on financial aid, but I’m already facing wage garnishment over an issue which I’m still perplexed by and have been hiding my head in the sand about for quite some time. So I’ll brace for what’s to come, try to be an adult about it and work these issues out and hope that things will get better again.

I finished this (on my last day?) on campus today. After watching DKNG’s final lecture for their Skillshare event, I felt brave enough to play with halftoning. May have gone overboard with that plus my usual texturing. But whatever. Red Riding Hood is pretty chill about it, I think. Isn’t her pet wolf adorable?


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Sometimes I Ink the Things I Sketch

And so the inking begins! Can ya guess who yet? This one is turning out to be a lot of fun to develop.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 7.28.43 PM


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Sometimes I Sketch Things

An idea sprung upon me whilst bored and earphoneless at school, and being a compulsive sharer (at least of the less significant things) I am sharing the beginnings of whatever this idea might be. Do I know? Do you know? Does frankly anyone know?? Perhaps…

And no, it’s not related to Star Wars. I just referenced a lot of Star Wars and a few Matrix pics because I can’t draw figures straight from memory. #achillesheel

And yeah, I just used a Twitter hashtag on a WordPress blog post. #whatchagonnadoaboutit 😉


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Rendering a Rant

I have a long rant compiled in leui of the events at the Oscars last weekend. My ability with motion design and a deep affinity for all things visual and film oriented qualify me to step up on this particular soapbox.

Chroma Key Green

A Chroma Key Green soapbox.

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Kimbra, In Color

Remember that sketch I did yesterday? All done! All digital. Vector paths and some creative Photoshop brush wielding.


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