May The 4th Be With You

I’ve been quiet for awhile! Still alive, though. Hard at work trying to get paid to be hard at work. My endeavor continues to become dually employed in Michigan, preferably in a field related to what I’ve studied for all these years.

My job search found me quite frustrated this week when I discovered, during a phone interview, that the place I was interviewing with was out of my reach, as a current public bus-bound commuter sans car. It irked me quite a bit that the only thing standing in my way, at the point in time, was the lack of ownership of a vehicle that I could driver wherever the fuck I wanted. And also that the public bus system didn’t serve my employment conveniences to the tee. Irately, I made this:

Designer Raaaage!


Would have been a sweet job, but alas. Next time. Hopefully, with a car. Next time.

I attend commencement in a few weeks to officially complete my early collegiate career. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether I will continue seeking an academic design education, seeing as I must now busy myself paying back the school I was excited to attend. Like Star Wars, I guess that exciting escape from the Death Star will conclude at some point.

In the meantime, there are some fun design and potential film related projects on the horizon. I’m not at liberty to discuss all of them, so stay on the lookout.



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